Session host can no longer be connected

In the last few days, we had an issue at a customer where session hosts were showing as Available, sessions were on them, but no users could connect to them anymore. So they were available first, users could log in. After some time the sessions were disconnected, but the sessions were still present.

Logging off users like connecting via RDP was not possible.

The customer has session hosts in different regions.

After some time the customer found out together with Microsoft support that the version of the SxSStackListener was faulty.

Microsoft now wants to roll back the version rdp-sxs230307400 in the background.

Unfortunately the version of the SxSStackListener is not shown at any place. I have now created a PowerShell script that can be used to check the version on the session hosts across all host pools. A list is compiled which can be further processed and filtered as desired.

I hope the script can help one or the other to check the versions of the agents, even if there is no problem with this SxSStackListener version later.

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