Manage vDisks LoadBalancing

By design the maintenance of a PVS Server is pretty easy, in a load balanced environment with at least two PVS Servers you can just take one down and the connections of the target devices are moving to the other Server.

Unfortunately, there is sometimes a gap between theory and reality… We had sometime the issue that the sessions were not handed over to the second one.

I spoke with Sacha Thomet (@sacha81) and he told me about his “chicken-hearted” workaround …  I should statically configure all vDisks on a server, balance the load, and transfer on this way the sessions.

Because I manage an environment with a large amount of vDisks, I won’t do that manually. For this reason, I wrote this Script/Cmdlets. Affinity and rebalancing is no considered.

Be aware! If you have a not working Load balancing, you have an issue in your configuration, and I advise you to fix that, otherwise you will get in trouble sooner or later…


With this cmdlet the LoadBalancing information can be read from one, several or all vDisks.


This cmdlet is used to configure the vDisks. It specifies the site and server to be used, for one or more sites.

Set-UDPvsDiskLoadblance -Clear

At the end, the settings have to be reset, which means all vDisks have to be load balanced again.