How does Nerdio generate the name of an instance

When a new instance of Nerdio is created, various resources are provided, which must be globally unique by name. Therefore, a unique ID is calculated and used in the names of the resources. Below is the listing of all resources that contain the unique ID in a default installation:

Example for [id] = 85uswehwlsoe5

Resource NameResource Type
nmw-app-[id]App Service
nmw-app-automation-[id]Automation Account
nmw-app-insights-[id]Application Insights
nmw-app-kv-[id]Key vault
nmw-app-law-[id]Log Analytics workspace
nmw-app-law-insights-[id]Log Analytics workspace
nmw-app-plan-[id]App Service plan
nmw-app-scripted-actions-[id]Automation Account
nmw-app-sql-[id]SQL server
The unique IDs generated for each Nerdio resource are based on a combination of the Azure Tenant ID and the resource group name.