Migrate User Profile Disk to FSLogix Profile Disk

These days I was at a customer to implement FSLogix. For me it was the first FSLogix project. That’s why my CTP fellow René Bigler (@dready73) joined me on the first day. I then created a script based on the following templates to migrate a User Profile Disk (UPD) to FSLogix Profile Disk. http://www.citrixirc.com/?p=848 http://www.citrixirc.com/?p=857 … Weiterlesen …

Yea-Haw! I’m a CTA!

What a great day! I am now part of the Citrix Technology Advocates Community(short CTA). After receiving the Partner Award in 2018 in Switzerland as “Partner System Engineer of the Year 2017”, and working with Citrix products for more than 10 years, I applied for the CTA at the end of 2018 and was elected. … Weiterlesen …


Hello and welcome to my blog. I will try to publish somtimes that I have created or other news. I am always happy about feedback. There are several channels for this, all of which can be found in the section “About me”.

Manage vDisks LoadBalancing

By design the maintenance of a PVS Server is pretty easy, in a load balanced environment with at least two PVS Servers you can just take one down and the connections of the target devices are moving to the other Server.

Unfortunately, there is sometimes a gap between theory and reality… We had sometime the issue that the sessions were not handed over to the second one.

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PVS BDM boot on Moonshot

In our environment, we can’t implement TFTP load balancing without significant additional costs. Our NetScaler environment with Traffic Domains does not support TFTP load balancing. We need to license additional appliances if we want do TFTP load balancing with NetScaler.

We also use Moonshot instead of virtualization for our terminal servers.

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